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Castrol AIRCOL 266 & 299

Castrol AIRCOL 266 & 299

Product description

The Aircol 266 and 299 range of mineral based refrigeration oils is available as two grades of specially selected oils, highly refined, to provide chemical and thermal stability. Their low wax forming tendencies insure low pour points.


Aircol 266 and 299 are specifically for use in refrigeration and air conditioning plants using fluorocarbon refrigerants.The exceptional low temperature characteristics of these oils prevent the flocculent precipitation of wax which can otherwise occur in high performance plant using Freon refrigerants.

In most systems using R22, the critical solution temperature characteristics of these oils are adequate to prevent oil/refrigerant separation problems within the low temperature circuits. Where evaporation temperatures are exceptionally low or in systems not incorporating oil/refrigerant separators, synthetic base refrigerant oils may be preferred.

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