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Emergency Delivery

We're here to help 24/7

Offshore & Marine Lubricants can deliver what you need at your convenience. We can deliver to most locations across the UK and pride ourselves for being able to offer a fast, friendly and 24 hours service.

To ensure a quick order process and emergency delivery,please provide the following information when you call us:

1. What product/s you need and the amount required
2. Your contact details and delivery address
3. Any delivery instructions or special requirements
* Please note that Emergency Delivery is charged higher than Standard Delivery.
* Charges vary depending on the nature of every delivery.

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Oil Sample Analysis

Understanding the condition of your oil

An oil sample analysis helps you to understand the condition of your oil, identify any current problems and pre-empt any future breakdowns, costly down time and repairs.

We provide you with an oil analysis kit then you send us your oil sample along with the relevant details. An external laboratory will determine what kind of life your engine, transmission or industrial equipment has been living. The analysis also identifies and quantifies wear metals, additives and environmental contaminants in the lubricant.

From the results, we build a report to see if any components are experiencing unusual amounts of wear. This report also highlights any unusual characteristics, which is used to determine the health of the equipment.

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Waste Oil Management

Collection & Disposal Service

It is essential for businesses in the oil industry to store and dispose of waste oil in a reponsible and safe way - to avoid pollution and environmental damage.

Due to the many types of oils with diffrerent properties, there may be different legal requirements depending on where and how your waste oil was produced. All waste mineral oils are deemed hazardous and may have additional legislation requirements.

For more information on Waste Classification visit -

All waste oils produced by or collected from an industrial or commercial business are covered by waste oil legislation for their storage, transport, and recovery or disposal. It is important to store waste oils in appropriate containers and separately to other waste before disposal.

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