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Castrol Aircol 99

Castrol Aircol 99

Product description

Aircol 99 is a refrigeration compressor lubricant formulated from highly refined naphthenic base oils for use in both largeindustrial and small domestic refrigeration units.

Features / Benefits:

  • Aircol 99 oil ensures long and trouble-free operation of refrigeration systems through a combination of:
  • High thermal and chemical stability.
  • Good temperature / viscosity behaviour.
  • Good low temperature flow properties.


Aircol 99 is formulated to function as a lubricant and coolant, as well as a sealant in refrigerating compressors. It maintains good lubrication properties at the high temperatures reached during the compression phase and good fluidity at the low temperatures within the evaporators. Excellent lubrication of the moving parts in the compressor as well as recycling of the oil, entrained into the system by the refrigerant, are therefore ensured.

The chemical stability of Aircol 99 prevents it from reacting with the refrigerants used in refrigeration systems to form potentially disruptive breakdown products. Aircol 99 is suitable for use in systems using Ammonia (NH3) or halogenated hydrocarbons. It can also be used where good low temperature flow properties are required in the lubricant.

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