Castrol Brayco 1624

Castrol Brayco 1624

Product description


Castrol Brayco 1624 is a clear, colorless perfluoroether oil. It is odorless, nonflammable, and generally chemically inert. It exhibits good thermal stability, is compatible with most commonly used propellants, fuels, and oxidizers.

This product has excellent lubricating properties, good dielectric properties, excellent shear stability, and low

toxicity. Castrol Fluoroclean™ X100 and Castrol Fluoroclean™ HE can be used to remove this lubricant. Refer to

the data sheets for information regarding these products.

Additional Information:


Brayco 1624 is available in 2 oz (AVDP) bottles.

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Brayco 1624 is an excellent lubricating oil for precision bearings. This product is recommended for use as a damping fluid, flotation fluid, and a electrical contacts lubricant. This product is compatible with concentrated acids and bases and does not hydrolyze or oxidize. Perfluorinated fluids, in general, exhibit excellent shelf lives due to their intrinsic inertness.


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