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Castrol Calibration Oil DDS N14 002A

Castrol Calibration Oil DDS N14 002A

Product description

Castrol Calibration Oil DDS N14-002A is a low viscosity mineral oil based test fluid with improved lubricity

This product contains volatile components and is hygroscopic. In handing and open storage it can lose volatile components that can impact on viscosity and density (both increasing). This can be exacerbated by heat / high temperatures. In handing and storage it absorb water. When product is handled, agitation should be minimised, and elevations in fluid temperature avoided wherever possible.

Containers used for transport or storage should be clean and dry, and selected to minimise head-space. They should be sealed against contaminant, and water or water vapour ingress. Where sealing is not possible (e.g. in a working tank, where fluid levels vary significantly) a desiccant breather cap should be used and maintained to manufacturer’s instructions, to minimise potential water uptake into the fluid via the head-space.


Calibration Oil DDS N14-002A is a calibration and storage oil for diesel fuel injectors, conforming fully with ISO 4113, Lucas CAV 7-10-106 and Delphi Diesel Systems (DDS) N14-002A (ISO 4113 variant) specifications. The rust preventative properties of this oil are such that, without cleaning of the equipment after calibration, proper functioning of the equipment is ensured after one year’s storage in normal conditions.

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