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Castrol Magna BDX 68

Castrol Magna BDX 68

Product description

Castrol Magna™ BDX 68 slideway oil is based upon highly refined mineral oils, which incorporate tackiness and lubricity additives.


- Incorporate tackiness and lubricity additives.

- Exceptionally low frictional forces and good "stick-slip" resistance.

- Good protection against metal corrosion and staining.

- Suitable for all types of slideway materials.


Castrol Magna BDX 68 slideway oil incorporates tackiness and lubricity additives to give smooth slideway movement under heavy loads. It is a high performance emulsifying slideway lubricant specially formulated for use in individual machines where coolant and oil separation is not practical. Magna BDX 68 will emulsify with the metalworking fluid in use, however this may cause instability of the coolant over a period of time.

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