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Castrol Optitemp LG Range

Castrol Optitemp LG Range

Product description

OPTITEMP™ LG are fully synthetic lithium greases on a polyalphaolefin base. They are especially designed for the application at low temperatures and for bearings running at high speeds in the normal temperature range. Good compatibility with plastics and elastomers. OPTITEMP® LG 2 is approved according to: VW/AUDI - TL-VW 778 A; BMW - GKM No.0127 403, 0127 473; DBL - 6827.40; Brose - 002-563501-104 group 3; Opel - B 040 0060 for LG 0


- Easy start-up at low temperatures.

- Compatible with plastics such as polyacetal (e.g. "Delrin") and polyamide (e.g. "Ultramid")

- Compatible with elastomers based on synthetic materials (e.g. NBR, CR) and NR-base as well as with rubber.

- Do not affect top coat paints e.g. in vehicle construction.

- Optimum wear protection.

- Good corrosion protection.

- Extraordinary water resistance.


- Door lock cylinders and door locks in vehicle construction.

- Rolling and sliding bearings, clutch bearings and wheel hubs for long-term and lifetime lubrication at low temperatures.

- Bearings running at high speeds (n x dm - factor up to 1 mio.).

- Grease-lubricated sliding surfaces at temperatures from - 50°C/- 58°F to + 100°C/+ 212°F or + 120°C/+ 248°F

- OPTITEMP® LG 0 - due to its soft, semi-fluid grease structure it is especially suited for friction points in precision mechanics.

- Wide temperature application range:

- OPTITEMP® LG 0: - 50°C/- 58°F to +100°C/+ 212°F

- OPTITEMP® LG 2: - 50°C/- 58°F to +120°C/+ 248°F

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