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Castrol Optitemp RB 2

Castrol Optitemp RB 2

Product description

Castrol OPTITEMP™ RB 2 is a light-beige special grease based on polyalphaolefins for the lubrication of cables in robots.


- Compatible with elastomers and plastics such as PUR, PVC, Polyester, used in modern robots due to a high number of different elastomer qualities we recommend compatibility test with original elastomers

- No impairment if in contact with two-component sliding lacquers, top coat RAL

- Compatible with paints i.e. no impairment of car body surfaces

- Resistant to weld chips i.e. red hot metal chips generated during welding do not ignite the grease or the base oil

- Optimum wear protection

- Good water resistance

- No drying of the product

- No skin irritations


- Lifetime lubrication of cables

- Easy application (manual or with spraying gun) due to the soft structure of the product

- OPTITEMP RB 2 guarantees an easy, low-friction shifting and sliding of cables at rails, walls and of insulating plastic tubes

- Grease-lubricated sliding surfaces

- Temperature application range: -50°C/-58°F to +120°C/+248°F

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