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Castrol Rustilo 4163

Castrol Rustilo 4163

Product description

Castrol Rustilo™ 4163 is an oil-dispersed and fingerprint suppression corrosion preventive formulated to give long-term indoor protection. This product deposits a thin, slightly oily residual film, which is easily cleaned using an alkaline cleaner or vapour degreaser.

- The claims on film thickness and consumption are average values. These are valid for smooth surfaces with good drain-off characteristics and simple geometries without holes or recesses.

- "Indoor storage” describes the storage of ferrous components in closed store-rooms having a relative humidity of 60%. Increased protection times could be achieved when treating finished surfaces or store the parts in a sealed pack.

- "Outdoor storage” describes open storage, which assumes primary protection from the elements by tarpaulin or other form of cover.

- Influence of temperature may cause some cloudiness, which is reversible and doesn’t have an impact on product quality.

- If required protective films of Rustilo 4163 can be removed by using a petroleum solvent or alkaline process cleaner, all available from Castrol.


- This product will provide excellent humidity protection for ferrous and nonferrous parts for up to two years in indoor storage.

- High flash point eliminates need for special fire equipment.

- Barium-free

- Excellent resistance to acid atmosphere for ferrous and nonferrous parts, which have been stored in or near acidic environments.

- Handled parts are fully protected from fingerprint corrosion because of specially formulated additives.


Use Castrol Rustilo 4163 where:

- Operations expose the metal to water-containing machining and grinding coolants, cleaners, and water rinses.

- Parts are manually inspected or packaged

- Long-term indoor humidity protection is needed.

- Ease of clean-ability is desired.

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