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Castrol Viscogen 3N

Castrol Viscogen 3N

Product description

Castrol Viscogen™ 3N (previously called Viscochain 3N) is an extremely thermally stable, synthetic lubricant especially designed for chain lubrication. It features a very high thermal and oxidation stability as well as an adherent lubricating film with a high load carrying capacity. For a high-temperature chain lubricant Viscogen 3N is characterised by an extremely low residue formation.


- Extremely low residue formation

- Outstanding load carrying capacity, penetration and adhesion

- Thermally stable up to +200°C

- Free from solids

- Resistant to hot and cold water

- Odourless, non-toxic

- Excellent corrosion protection

- Extraordinary ageing stability


- For roller bar chains of Siempelkamp ContiRoll press

- For the bending rod guide in the roller bar of Dieffenbacher presses

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