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Linelube Engine Oil Low SAPS 5W30 E6/E9

Linelube Engine Oil Low SAPS 5W30 E6/E9

Product description

Linelube Synthetic Low SAP 5W30 E6 E9 is a heavy duty, fully synthetic diesel engine oil incorporating an advanced low-SAPS additive package. Linelube Synthetic Low SAP 5W30 E6 E9 offers high levels of protection and cleanliness under severe operating conditions, and extended drain capabilities. It is recommended for engines with Diesel Particulate Filters and Exhaust Gas Recirculation/Selective Catalytic Reduction systems.

• Long drain capabilities.
• Low volatility providing reduced oil consumption and emissions.
• Thermal stability offering consistent long term performance.
• Maintains efficiency of after-treatment systems.
• Effective environmental protection and fuel efficiency.
• High and low temperature performance and very high levels of engine cleanliness.
• Increased protection against wear and corrosion.
• High shear stability affording consistent lubrication performance.
• Suitable for engines with or without diesel particulate filters

ACEA              E6, E7, E9

API                  CJ-4

CAT                 ECF-3

CUMMINS       20081

DEUTZ            DQC IV-10 LA

JASO              DH-2

MACK             E0-0 Premium Plus

MAN               3477, 3575

MB                  228.31, 228.51


VOLVO           VDS-3, VDS-4


Linelube Synthetic Low SAP 5W30 E6 E9 is designed specifically to meet the lubrication requirements of the latest European heavy duty diesel engines, and is suitable for use in diesel engines meeting Euro IV, V and VI emission standards.
Linelube Synthetic Low SAP 5W30 E6 E9 can be used in combination with low sulphur diesel fuel.

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