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Petro-Canada Duratac Non Drip 220

Petro-Canada Duratac Non Drip 220

Product description

Petro-Canada DURATAC Non-Drip Oils are high quality, general purpose lubricants that are formulated with a tackiness additive that adheres strongly to metal surfaces.  They are ideal lubricants for use where oil control is required.

Features and Benefits

• Adheres well to metal surfaces

• Provides rust and oxidation protection

• Minimizes spattering

• Reduces oil consumption

• Anti-wear properties


DURATAC Non-Drip Oils are designed to help minimize dripping. This reduces the chance of the lubricant coming into contact with other process materials.  Therefore, DURATAC Non-Drip Oils are recommended for the lubrication of systems that require an adhesive oil with good thin film properties.  They are ideal for use in textile mills, printing shops, saw mills and for chain saw bars and conveyor chains where their tackiness can provide protection from staining the product being processed. Because of its light colour, they can also be used where the use of a dyed chain oil is undesirable.

DURATAC Non-Drip 150 could be used for auto- body undercoating.  However, due to their tacky nature, DURATAC Non-Drip oils are not recommended for use in drip-feed oilers.

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