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Petro-Canada Duron SHP 10W30

Petro-Canada Duron SHP 10W30

Product description

Petro-Canada’s DURON™ line of premium performance multigrade diesel engine oils deliver industry leading protection against increased wear which can lead to lower productivity and impaired fuel economy. They have been specifically designed to outperform various ACEA performance requirements, as well as various API service requirements, such as CK-4, CJ-4 and previous. These diesel engine oils exceed the highest standards of performance and provide extended drain capabilities and excellent all weather performance.

DURON heavy duty diesel engine oils deliver superior engine protection and operational efficiency. Made with high quality base oils and premium additive chemistries, DURON outperforms API and ACEA requirements, as well as demanding OEM specifications to provide tangible benefits such as longer engine life, extended oil drain intervals*, better all weather performance and better efficiency resulting in increased  productivity.


Car and Light Duty Diesel Engines

DURON engine oils are also suitable for use in diesel powered engines in smaller vehicles, including passenger cars and light trucks where API CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4 or earlier specifications are required. Consult your owner’s manual.

Gasoline and CNG Engines

Many of the DURON diesel engine oils exceed the latest  API SN gasoline engine oil specification and are suitable for some gasoline and CNG applications where API SN or earlier specifications are required. Many are also suitable for use in wet clutch applications where JASO MA2 is recommended. Please reference the Approvals and Recommendations list on the previous page to ensure you are using the correct product for your application.

Stationary & Marine type Diesel Engines

DURON HP and SHP 15W-40’s may be used in diesel-fuelled stationary and marine systems where an SAE 15W-40 diesel engine oil is specified and water separation is not required.

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