Petro-Canada Enduratex EP 680

Petro-Canada Enduratex EP 680

Product description

Petro-Canada’s ENDURATEX™ EP Gear Oils are premium quality, extreme-pressure lubricants designed for use in enclosed industrial gear drives operating under normal, heavy or shock- loaded conditions. They are also recommended for lubricating plain or anti-friction bearings running under heavy or shock-loaded conditions.

ENDURATEX EP Gear Oils are specially formulated to deliver sustained long-life, anti- wear and extreme pressure protection to industrial gear drives and bearings.   These oils are available in nine ISO viscosity grades and two multigrades.

Volume & Pack Sizes


Specifications & Approvals


Petro-Canada’s ENDURATEX EP Gear Oils are versatile, high quality lubricants recommended for use in all types of enclosed industrial gear drives where an extreme pressure gear oil is specified. They are also recommended for lubricating all types of heavy or shock-loaded bearings.

In addition, the low viscosity grades of ENDURATEX EP are effective wire-rope lubricants.

ENDURATEX EP Oils offer excellent gear and bearing protection and long service life in a wide range of gear designs. These include: Spur, Internal, Planetary, Rack & Pinion, Bevel, Spiral-Bevel, Helical, Herringbone and Worm gears.

ENDURATEX EP Gear Oils are approved by many manufacturers of industrial gear drives including:

• Greey-Lightnin, Hansen  Transmissions, Kraus- Maffei and David Brown

• Enduratex EP 68 has Metso Paper approval  and is recommended for pulp and paper companies using thermo-mechanical pulping processes (TMP)

• Enduratex EP Gear Oils are MAG IAS (Cincinnati) LLC Approved   500109 P-77 (EP150), 500209 P-74 (EP220), 500309 P-59 (EP320), 500409 P- 35 (EP460)

• ENDURATEX EP 150 is GMLS2 approved

• ENDURATEX EP Gear Oils are typically suitable for use in situations requiring DIN 51517 Part 3, ISO 12925 – Type 1 CKC or AGMA 9005-D95 specifications


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