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Petro-Canada Purity FG Compressor Fluid 68

Petro-Canada Purity FG Compressor Fluid 68

Product description

Petro-Canada’s PURITy™ FG Compressor Fluids are formulated with SynFX™, an advanced additive technology designed to deliver synthetic-like performance and long lasting protection.

As conditions in food plants become more demanding, so must the lubricants that keep the equipment running. Wet/humid processing environments, high air volume, and high discharge temperatures are just some of the challenging service conditions compressor oils must endure.

PURITy™ FG’s outstanding performance results from more than 30 years formulating experience.

Using the HT Purity Process, Petro-Canada produces a 99.9% pure, crystal clear base oil – among the purest in the world.

Virtually free of impurities that can hinder performance and fortified with specially selected performance additives, PURITy FG Compressor Fluids provide outstanding resistance to oxidation.

PURITy FG Compressor Fluids also meet the highest food industry safety standards and can be easily integrated into HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plans and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) programs. All fluid components comply  with U.S. FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 Lubricants with incidental food contact. All fluids are H1 registered by NSF. They are certified Kosher and Halal.

Features and Benefits

Resists oxidative breakdown better than leading specialty food grade compressor fluids

• Better resistance to oxidative decomposition caused by exposure to air at high discharge temperatures.

• Reduced oil thickening which can improve compressor  efficiency

• Up to 4,000 hours service life in rotary screw compressors (85°C/185°F)

Resists varnish formation

• Minimizes formation of harmful varnish and lacquer deposits on rotors and separators of rotary compressors, and carbon deposits on valve assemblies of reciprocating units.

• Helps keep pneumatics free of sludge and varnish for smooth operation

Excellent separation from water contamination

• Improves efficiency of condensate recovery

Low foaming tendencies

• Keeps lubricant film intact for sealing and lubrication of bearings

Provides good anti-wear protection

• Improved bearing protection

Provides excellent rust and corrosion protection

• Helps to extend component life

• Important when running intermittent service in high humidity conditions

Low odour

• Provides a safer work environment

Low volatility

• Minimizes top-up

• Reduces oil carry-over

• Improves efficiency in vacuum pump applications

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