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Petro-Canada Traxon XL Syn Blend 75W90

Petro-Canada Traxon XL Syn Blend 75W90

Product description

Petro-Canada's TRAXON XL Synthetic Blend 75W-90 is a premium multi-grade gear oil formulated to provide excellent long-lasting wear protection to extend equipment life and reduce downtime and maintenance costs. TRAXON XL Synthetic Blend

provides excellent year-round performance for superior lubrication of gear drives found in manual transmissions and rear axles. TRAXON XL Synthetic Blend starts with the HT Purity Process to produce a 99.9% pure, crystal clear base oil. By removing the impurities that can hinder the performance of competitive conventional oils, and blending in specialty additives, TRAXON XL Synthetic Blend gear oil delivers maximum performance.


Petro-Canada TRAXON XL Synthetic Blend is recommended for year-round use in many manual transmissions, differentials, power take off units and final drives found on passenger cars, trucks, and off-highway vehicles used in construction, farm, forestry and mining operations. Consult owners manual for type and grade needed.

TRAXON XL Synthetic Blend is recommended for most oil lubricated universal joints, wheel bearings, planetary gear sets, steering gears and certain industrial gear reducers requiring GL-3, GL-4, or GL-5 oils.

Due to specific lubrication requirements TRAXON XL Synthetic Blend must not be used in:

• Automatic Transmissions

• Powershift Transmissions

• Hydrostatic drives and systems that include the lubrication of wet clutches and brakes

• Manual Transaxles on front wheel drive vehicles where an automatic transmission fluid or engine oil is specified

• Spicer Manual Transmissions where single grade engine oils are specified

• Not for use in specific manual transmissions where you must use an API GL-4 rated oil only and a GL-5/MT-1 oil is not acceptable

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