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Product description

Highly adhesive extreme pressure grease, for heavy loads and high temperatures.

Specially developed for lubrication of open gears when a NLGI 2 grade is required.

  • Excellent adhesiveness, associated with the very good resistance to high loads and repeated shock loadings, COPAL OGL 2, gives a high protection level against wear on gear teeth and plain bearings, increasing significantly the service life of the equipment.
  • COPAL OGL 2 contains solid lubricants, decreasing friction coefficient, limitating wear particularly near the tooth crest and tooth base, decreasing energy consumption.
  • Good behaviour in presence of water even under pressure.
  • COPAL OGL 2 does not contain lead, or other heavy metals considered harmful tohuman health and the environment.

  • ISO 6743-9: L-XBDEB 2
  • DIN 51502: OGPF2N-15

Heavy duty grease, water resistant

  • COPAL OGL 2 is a predominantly designed for use on open gears, in case where an NLGI 2grade is required.
  • COPAL OGL 2 can be used as a priming lubricant for gears of kilns, mills,...
  • COPAL OGL 2 can be used as well in plain bearings highly loaded in the most severe conditions. (shocks,high loads, high amount of water,...) or for application requiring a highly adhesive grease (fifth wheel,...).


  • Preferably use a pneumatic pump system. COPAL OGL 2 can be applied by hand with brushes, or other adapted tools. A good cleanliness of tools is recommended for optimal lubrication.
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