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Product description

Diesel industrial engines and gas engines requiring no antifreeze protection.

WT SUPRA is a so-called “water treatment” agent: it is an aqueous concentrate of specific organic corrosion and cavitation inhibitors.

Its special formula containing absolutely no phosphates, nitrites, amines, boron, nitrates or silicates gives it two important properties

first of all WT SUPRA is non-polluting and, secondly, it is long-lasting.

Enhanced protection against corrosion and cavitation

Thanks to its organic technology, WT SUPRA protects circuits much better against cavitation and corrosion than conventional "water treatment" products.

  • The absence of any inorganic ingredients (such as phosphates, nitrites, etc.) means that no hard deposits are formed, especially around the top of liners, cylinder heads, heat exchanger tubes and electric heaters. As a result :
    - heat transfer is sustained,
    - anti-corrosion and anti-cavitation properties are maintained,
    - there is no risk of pipe erosion due to hard particles in circulation, - the circuit remains clean.

No deposit formation

  • The active ingredients in WT SUPRA are non-polluting, and confer the same properties on the circuit fluid so long as it does not contain any toxic substances such as monoethylene glycol (a routine ingredient of ordinary antifreezes). These properties allow it to be used in domestic heating installations.

Lower disposal/ recycling costs
Protects the environment

When no antifreeze protection is needed, filling a heat transfer circuit with
WT SUPRA after emptying out a conventional antifreeze gives better performance – thanks to the fluid’s higher thermal capacity - at lower cost.

  • Optimum protection is obtained when WT SUPRA is diluted in water of hardness below 20° TH, containing no zinc and less than 300 ppm of chlorides and sulphates.

Engines Manufacturer

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Engine cooling

  • As a 5 to 10% vol. solution in water depending on its purpose, WT SUPRA will protect: Cooling circuits in diesel and gas engines:
    - in combined heat and power plants or electricity power stations requiring no antifreeze protection but needing efficient heat transfer;
    - in ships engines;
    - on the factory test bed during running-in and for the protection of the engine block against corrosion between leaving the factory and entering service.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer systems (such as heating plant or secondary circuits in cogeneration units) employing an aqueous fluid.

  • It is preferable to use a soft water even if laboratory tests give satisfactory results with water rated at 20° TH.
  • It is important that the product should be mechanically mixed with the water to ensure a uniform mixture.

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