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Castrol Aircol 2294

Castrol Aircol 2294

Product description

Castrol Aircol™ 2294 is a synthetic refrigeration oil formulated from selected polyalphaolefin base fluids

Conditions of Use:

- Low miscibility and solubility with R22 - gives significant advantages in screw type compressors where refrigerant absorption can reduce lubricant viscosity to unacceptably low levels.

- Very low Pour Point - allows the use in refrigeration systems with extremely low evaporator temperatures.


Aircol 2294 is specifically designed for refrigeration systems using screw type compressors in conjunction with very low evaporation temperatures. Aircol 2294 may also be specified for certain systems using reciprocating compressors with high compression ratios and high discharge temperatures.

The very low pour point enables Aircol 2294 to be used in systems where evaporator temperatures are extremely low.However because of low miscibility with R22, Aircol 2294 is not suitable for use in refrigeration systems using flooded evaporators, unless efficient oil separators or some other method of oil recovery is provided.

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