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Castrol Hyspin AWV 32

Castrol Hyspin AWV 32

Product description

Hyspin AWV 32 is a premium quality hydraulic fluid with a very high viscosity index.

Features & Benefits:

Hyspin AWV 32 is a blend of selected naphthenic base oils and polymers. This results in an oil which, when compared with conventional hydraulic fluids, has a greatly reduced variation in viscosity with temperature change. Hyspin AWV 32 may therefore be used in systems operating in climatic conditions varying from sub-Arctic to Tropical.
Hyspin AWV 32 is fully inhibited against oxidation and contains additives to prevent corrosion and foaming. Unlike veryhigh VI aircraft hydraulic fluids, Hyspin AWV 32 uses conventional anti-wear technology to ensure compatibility withstandard hydraulic oils such as the Castrol Hyspin AWH-M range.


Hyspin AWV 32 is suitable for use in deck equipment on ships operating between extremes of climatic conditions. Hyspin AWV 32 is also suitable for use as a hydraulic fluid for hatch cover operating systems on reefer vessels.

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