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Castrol Anvol WG 46

Castrol Anvol WG 46

Product description

Castrol Anvol WG 46 is an HF-C type water-glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluid, containing anti-wear additives andcorrosion inhibitors. It provides protection against rust and in hydraulic pump tests, Anvol WG 46 has shown high levelsof anti-wear performance during product pump testing. Its foam resistance, low temperature flow, emulsion stability andstorage stability are also excellent according to storage stability testing.


- Anti-wear performance gives wear protection to system components

- Fire resistant as defined within ISO 12922:2012

- Low pour point ensures consistent performance over a range of temperature between -20oC to 60oC


Anvol WG 46 is for use in hydraulic systems where, in the event of fluid leakage, there is a significant risk of ignition.Examples of applications include furnace doors, die-casting machines, forging machinery and mining equipment. It can be used in vane, gear or piston-type pumps with pressures up to 206.8 bar (3000psi)

As with any water containing fluid, continuous high temperature leads to excessive evaporation. The water content should be checked regularly in service and any corrections made by addition of distilled or de-ionised water. Occasional monitoring of alkalinity is recommended to ensure the correct level of corrosion inhibition.

Care should be taken to ensure the hydraulic system is designed for using water glycol based fluids. Care should also be taken to ensure the compatibility of Anvol WG 46 with paints, seals and metals, and also ensure that the hydraulic pumps and filters used are suitable. A thorough draining and flushing procedure should be followed when converting from other fluids to water glycol based solutions.

Anvol WG 46 is compatible with the most commonly used nitrile, neoprene, silicone, nylon, butyl rubber and fluoropolymer seal materials. Compatibility with specific seal materials in use should be confirmed prior to changing to Anvol WG 46.

Anvol WG 46 meets the requirements of:

ISO 12922:2012 Category HFC as defined by ISO 6743-4:2001

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