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Castrol Aircol SR 68

Castrol Aircol SR 68

Product description

Aircol SR 68 is a polyalphaolefin-based synthetic compressor oil, using an advanced additive system to enhance thermaland oxidation stability and reduce component wear.


Aircol SR 68 provides significant benefits when used as a system oil in separately lubricated turbochargers, where extended oil change intervals will be possible.

The performance of Aircol SR 68 compressor oil offers the following specific benefits:

- Extended service intervals.

- Reduced maintenance.

- Extended drain periods.

- Cleaner operation.

- Reduced friction.


Aircol SR 68 is intended for use in Marine turbochargers and rotary compressors where it will provide significant in-service benefits when compared with other mineral and synthetic based lubricants.

Aircol SR 68 is also particularly suitable for use in oil-flooded rotary screw compressors. It has outstanding oxidation stability and anti-wear performance. The ester-free formulation eliminates acidic corrosion resulting from hydrolysis.

Aircol SR 68 is not suitable for use in Reciprocating Air Compressors for which Aircol SN is recommended.

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