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Castrol Hyspin HLP D 68

Castrol Hyspin HLP D 68

Product description

The Hyspin HLP-D 68 hydraulic oil lubricant is based upon highly refined mineral oil enhanced with a zinc additive system. It also contains detergent and dispersant additives.


- Smooth functioning of sliding parts in hydraulic systems and machine tools.

- Good surface wetting properties provide smooth sliding of seals on hydraulic pistons and rods and reduces corrosion.

- Excellent corrosion protection in arduous conditions.

- Maintains performance in ‘wet’ operating conditions, e.g outdoor equipment, machining operations.


Hyspin HLP-D 68 is for use primarily in machine tool hydraulic systems, gears and clutch drives in mobile hydraulic systems used outdoors.

This oil can tolerate high levels of water contamination, either from the outdoors environment or by water miscible cutting oils when used in machine tool equipment, and still provide effective lubrication. Such contamination can cause corrosion and seizure of hydraulic components. The detergent/dispersant properties of Hyspin HLP-D 68 maintains the performance of hydraulic systems under these circumstances

In particular cylinders operating at low speeds, Hyspin HLP-D 68 prevents erratic movement and stick/slip between seal sand shafts, greatly reducing seal wear.

Hyspin HLP-D 68 is suitable for mobile equipment where multi-disc clutches are employed. It permits higher torques to be transmitted, and maintain smooth clutch operation, short engagement times, and low rates of clutch wear.

Hyspin HLP-D 68 is fully compatible with nitrile, silicone and fluropolymer seal materials.

Hyspin HLP-D 68 is classified as follows:

- DIN classification - HLP-D.

- ISO 6743/4 - Hydraulic Oils Type HM.

Hyspin HLP-D 68 meets the requirements of:

- DIN 51524 Part 2 (except for demulsification)

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