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Castrol Optimol Suspension HTGU

Castrol Optimol Suspension HTGU

Product description

OPTIMOL™ SUSPENSION HTGU is a semi-viscous special lubricant containing solids. The thermally stable synthetic base oil evaporates at temperatures above + 200°C/+ 392°F with virtually no residue formation. It forms a very adhesive solid lubricant film with high load carrying capacity. It is excellently suited for lubrication in the high-temperature range up to about + 650°C/+ 1202°F.


- Optimum protection against friction and wear even at extreme temperatures

- Evaporates with hardly any residue formation

- High load carrying capacity

- Good emergency running properties

- Ensures smoother running

- Oxidation resistant

- Excellent corrosion protection

- Silicone-free


For lubricating points subjected to high temperatures:

- Chain lubrication in the glass, metal and ceramics industries

- In baking ovens of large bakeries

- For slat conveyors in annealing furnaces

- For chain grates and bearings of oven carriages

- Temperature application range: fluid lubrication up to + 200°C /+ 392°F dry lubrication up to about + 650°C/+ 1202°F

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