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Castrol Optitemp HT 1 LF

Castrol Optitemp HT 1 LF

Product description

CASTROL OPTITEMP™ HT 1 LF is a grease which has been designed for the most extreme loads in constant velocity ball joints. It features excellent high and low temperature behaviour and due to its special additives guarantees a reduction of the coefficient of friction resulting in reduced fuel consumption and lowered temperatures in the joints. It is also recommended for the application with ventilated boots due to extremely low evaporation losses. The compatibility with boots made of commonly used materials is very good.


- Wide temperature range

- Long service life

- Extremely low coefficients of friction

- Very good oxidation stability

- Optimum boot compatibility with CR and Hytrel

- `Fuel Economy' (in extreme cases up to 0.15 l / 100 km)

- Lowering of joint temperatures generated by friction

- Extraordinarily low evaporation losses


- Application in homo-kinetic ball joints

- Vehicles which require `Fuel Economy'

- Joints subjected to extremely high mechanical and thermal loads

- Application at extreme temperatures

- 45°C/- 49°F low temperature application 160°C/320°F permanent temperature application 180°C/356°F maximum temperature application

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