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Castrol Perfecto XEP

Castrol Perfecto XEP

Product description

The Castrol Perfecto XEP turbine oil range of lubricants is based upon premium quality mineral oils enhanced with rust and oxidation inhibitiors to give maximum protection at high temperatures. They also contain antiwear additives to give additional load carrying properties.


- Superior resistance to oxidation & thermal degradation provides a very long life lubricant because of low deposit / lacquer formation.

- Antiwear properties including FZG 9 rating under A8.3/90 test conditions mean they are suitable for geared turbine applications and for a wide range of other applications (e.g. pumps, motors, compressors, hydraulics, and turbocouplings) thereby rationalising the lubricants required on site.

- Suitable for the lubrication of both gas and steam turbines makes them suitable for combined cycle generating stations.

- Excellent water separation and corrosion inhibition means reduced down time through prolonged lubricant life and increased equipment reliability.


Perfecto XEP grades are recommended for industrial gas turbines where the lubricant is likely to be exposed to very high localised temperatures. They are also suitable for the lubrication of steam turbines and Combined Cycle generating systems where the steam and gas turbines share a common oil supply.

Perfecto XEP grades possess superior air release performance, good resistance to foaming and excellent water separation properties. They contain a load carrying additive and can be used in geared turbines with a common oil reservoir.

They are fully compatible with nitrile, silicone and fluropolymer seal materials.

Perfecto XEP grades meet the requirements of:

British Standard BS 489

DIN 51515 -1 and -2

General Electric GEK 32568F, 101941 and 107395A (ISO 32)

Alstom HTDG 90 117 (formerly ABB) (ISO 32 and 46)

Siemens TLV 9013 04 and 05 (ISO 32 and 46)

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