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Castrol RLX Super 40

Castrol RLX Super 40

Product description

RLX Super 40 is a 5th Generation (LMOA), zinc and chlorine free engine crankcase lubricant specifically designed for the lubrication of diesel propulsion, diesel electric and stationary power generation installations, where a zinc free lubricant is specified.


RLX Super 40 is developed with an optimum balance of detergency and dispersancy to reduce ring sticking and engine deposits, resulting in cleaner engines and thus maximising operating performance. With extended oil drain intervals, engine downtime is further reduced.

The selected additive system provides excellent protection against wear and acid corrosion resulting in increased engine component life. High viscosity index base oil allows control of oil consumption and maintains excellent oil film between bearings at high operating temperatures.

RLX Super 40 is fully compatible with other 5th Generation (LMOA) lubricants.

Product Performance Claims:

- Conforms to requirements of `Generation 5` for GM-EMD and `Generation 4LL` for GE.

- Meets the oil recommendations for Caterpillar 3600 series engines. Suitable for all ALCO engines.

- Exceeds detergency requirements of API CF and CF-2.


RLX Super 40 is formulated to meet the requirements of engines manufactured by General Motors Electromotive Division (GM-EMD), General Electric (GE) and ALCO. This grade is suitable for all engines fitted with silver bearings; particularly those used in Marine and Offshore power generation sets.

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