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Castrol Spheerol AP 3

Castrol Spheerol AP 3

Product description

Castrol Spheerol AP2 and AP3 are multi-purpose lithium thickened greases containing selected mineral oils to provide excellent oxidation resistance, anti-corrosion and water resistant properties.


Spheerol AP Greases are characterised by their smooth texture, low starting torque, high melting point (to work successfully at temperatures as high as 120°C), and good with pump-ability even at temperatures as low as -30°C. It's great affinity for metal surfaces provide added protection, lubrication and resistance to centrifugal force at high speeds. In fact, this grease may be considered as combining many of the desirable features of calcium and sodium greases, for this reason is finding a wide application as "all-purpose" greases to such an extent that one grade may be used for most grease applications throughout a car, truck, plant or marine vessel.


Castrol Spheerol AP2 and AP3 are bearing greases containing oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, is approved by most bearing manufacturers and widely used in industry for Automotive and Marine applications.

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