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Linelube ATF Dexron II


Linelube ATF Dexron II
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  • Agricultural Oils
  • Automotive Oils
  • Commercial Vehicle Oils


4 x 5L


  • Gear or Transmission Oils

product description

Product Description: Linelube ATF Dexron II

ATF Dexron II is formulated from highly refined paraffinic base oils with additive package designed to inhibit oxidation and offer load carrying anti-wear protection.


  • ATF Dexron II gives high VI, low pour point, good corrosion and foaming resistance and are modified to create the particular dynamic frictional properties required.
  • Suitable for most automatic transmission units
  • Good long term anti-wear characteristics
  • Suitable for most power steering units


ATF Dexron II is suitable for use in most automatic transmissions, torque converters, power steering units and hydraulic pumps as a service fill and top up fluid.

PRODUCT profile

Product Profile:

Allison C4

Caterpillar TO-2

G.M. Dexron II

G.M. Dexron IID

Ford Mercon

M2C 138CD & ALHD

M2C 166H, C5 & ATX

M2C 33G and Borg Warner

MB: 236.5 & 236.6

ZF-TE-ML09, ML11, M114

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