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Linelube Gear Oil EP 80w90 GL5


Linelube Gear Oil EP 80w90 GL5
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  • Agricultural Oils
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4 x 5L


  • Gear or Transmission Oils

product description

Product Description: Linelube EP 80w/90 GL-5 Gear Oil

Linelube EP 80w/90 API GL5 Gear Oil is a high performance Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure Gear oil which exceed the performance requirements of API classification API GL5, which calls for gear lubricants possessing High Load Carrying Capacity, intended for Gearboxes, Spiral Bevel Axles, and in particular Axles with Hypoid Gears, operating under Severe Conditions of High Speed/High Load, and High Speed/Shock Load service. Linelube EP 80w/90 API GL5 Gear Oil is designed for the increasing demands of today’s motoring conditions and demonstrates extremely good Load Carrying Capacity in order to cope with Shock/Load, High/Torque, High/Speed service operation.


  • Very High Levels of Rust and Corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent Oxidation Stability.
  • Very good Thermal Stability.
  • Outstanding Low and High temperature performance.
  • Good Seal Compatibility


Linelube 80W/90 API GL-5 gear oil is suitable for use in the majority of gear oil applications, including High Performance manual transmissions, Steering units, heavily loaded drive axles, employed in the demanding conditions of the Transport Industry.
Passenger car High Performance Manual Transmissions and Drive Axles, and many other fields where the demand is for a performance gear oil such as earthmoving plant and construction equipment, agricultural and industrial machinery.

PRODUCT profile


MAN: M342M-2

MIL: MIL-L-2105D

US Military: MIL-L-2105E

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