Castrol Magna PG Range

Castrol Magna PG Range

Product description


Castrol Magna™ PG (previously called Cresta PG) is a range of polyalkylene glycol based compressor lubricants,formulated expressly to lubricate gas compressors. The ability to withstand dilution by dissolved hydrocarbons allowsthese lubricants to give excellent protection in oil-flooded screw compressors and in the cylinders of reciprocating compressors. The formulation provides better viscosity retention due to its high viscosity index and increased resistanceto hydrocarbon dilution, compared to mineral and Polyalphaolefin variants. It contains additives to protect equipment from wear, rust & hydrogen sulphide corrosion.

To select the optimum viscosity variant, a number of factors need to be considered, including:

- The composotion of the gas being compressed

- The operational expectations of the compressor

- The Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM's) viscosity requirements at the maximum temperatures for the lubricated components

Please consult your Castrol Technical service engineer with this information for assistance.


Magna PG compressor oils can provide the following key advantages compared to mineral and Polyalphaolephin (PAO) based lubricants:

- Viscosity retention.

- Longer compressor life because of improved film strength

- Reduced wear leading to increased operational reliability

- High viscosity index will contribute to improved lubrication and reduced wear, especially at elevated temperatures

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Specifications & Approvals


Cylinder and Gland lubrication of reciprocating compressors.

Oil flooded rotary screw compressors.


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