Castrol MHP Range

Castrol MHP Range

Product description


Castrol MHP 153 and 154 are high performance lubricants specifically developed for use in modern highly rated marine and power generation four-stroke engines operating on distillate fuels.


Compared to an API CD oil, MHP 153 and 154 can provide the following advantages:

Long lasting protection in the toughest operating conditions

- Enhanced performance at high temperatures

- Potential to extend the time between overhauls so reducing costs

Formulated for excellent engine cleaniness

- Cleaner piston ring zone

- Enhanced detergency, excellent thermal and oxidative stability

Offers the potential to simplify and reduce overall lubricant usage

- High load carrying capabilities and high gear performance that enables them to be used as a common oil for both engine and transmission systems.

-Reduced maintenance and wear


MHP 153 and 154 are suitable for use in medium to highly-rated marine trunk piston engines operating with ISO 8217type DMA/DMZ/DMB/RMA10 fuels and requiring API CF performance.

MHP 153 and 154 have high load carrying capabilities and superior gear performance that enable them to be used as acommon oil for both engine and transmission systems.

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Specifications & Approvals

Product Performance Claims

MHP153 and 154 meet the specifications of API CF and are fully approved by major marine engine makers worldwide.


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