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Petro-Canada Calflo AF

Petro-Canada Calflo AF

Product description

Petro-Canada CALFLO™ AF is a highly efficient heat transfer fluid formulated to lower operating costs in systems where fluid resistance to oxidative breakdown is critical.

CALFLO AF’s unique chemistry starts with a blend of 99.9% pure base fluids, produced using the HT purity process. These crystal clear fluids are free of impurities that can hinder performance. Utilizing more than 25 years of formulating experience, Petro-Canada fortifies these thermally stable fluids with specially selected additives to provide stronger resistance to oxidative breakdown than leading competitive  fluids.

The result is CALFLO AF, a heat transfer fluid that provides high thermal efficiency in systems operating up to 316°C (600°F). CALFLO AF’s breakthrough chemistry can extend fluid life longer than leading competitive fluids, lowering operating costs by reducing the frequency of fluid change-outs.

Features and Benefits

Better oxidative resistance than leading competitors can extend fluid life and lower operating costs.

• Higher resistance to oxidative breakdown versus leading competitive fluids.

As a fluid oxidizes, it becomes more viscous. This increase in viscosity can:

– significantly reduce a fluid’s thermal efficiency

– make the fluid more difficult to circulate through the heat transfer  system

– result in overheating of the fluid

– necessitate a costly, premature fluid change-out

• Less prone to carbon residue and sludge formation versus leading competitive  fluids. CALFLO AF’s resistance to oxidative breakdown also minimizes the formation of carbonaceous deposits and sludge within heat transfer systems.   These deposits can dramatically reduce heat transfer efficiency and increase operating  costs.

Low vapour pressure can save on top-up costs while improving workplace safety.

• CALFLO AF’s low vapour pressure can reduce or eliminate fluid leakage from control valves and pipe flanges.

• Reduction or elimination of leaks provides a cleaner and safer operating environment, and results in operational savings by reducing the need for cleaning, maintenance and fluid top-up.

Natural lubricity extends operational savings.

• CALFLO AF’s natural lubricating properties can also reduce maintenance costs by extending the service life of circulating pumps and other rotating  parts.

No compromise to environmental and workplace health and safety.

• Unlike some alternative fluid chemistries, CALFLO AF is virtually odourless and is not considered a toxic* substance according to OSHA (United States), WHMIS (Canada) and EUDPD (Europe) criteria.

• Because CALFLO AF produces no objectionable

odours and is not a respiratory or skin irritant, workplace conditions remain pleasant and safe for continuous operations.

• CALFLO AF does not require special handling. Shipments and storage of CALFO AF do not normally require special safety permits.   Empty drums used to transport CALFLO AF are readily accepted by drum re-conditioners.   In addition, used CALFLO AF may be responsibly disposed in the following ways **:

- through re-sale to used oil recycling companies

- in some jurisdictions, combined with BTU recovery systems


Petro-Canada CALFLO AF is recommended for use in non pressurized, liquid phase, closed heat transfer systems operating at bulk temperatures up to 316°C (600°F). CALFLO AF’s outstanding resistance to oxidative breakdown can result in longer fluid life and lower operating costs in systems where exposure to air cannot be avoided, and oxidation is the most likely form of fluid degradation. Typical applications include temperature control units used in plastic extrusion, plastic moulding, and metal die- casting  operations.

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