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Linelube Synthetic 5W40

Linelube Synthetic 5W40

Product description

Linelube Synthetic 5W-40 is a fuel-efficient multi-grade engine oil meeting current API classifications. The demand for synthetic lubricants has increased dramatically over a short periodof time. Many engine manufacturers have recognised the benefits when using asynthetic product. Synthetic 5W-40 is manufactured from fully synthetic basestocks and additive technology available, providing a lubricant which deliversoutstanding performance and durability for the most demanding motorist. Itoffers quicker oil circulation, far improved cold starting properties andhigher lubricity, for reduced internal friction than standard mineral basedengine oils.


  • Effective environmentalprotection.
  • Ensures lubricantperformance over extended drain intervals.
  • Effective fuelefficiency.
  • Very high standards ofengine cleanliness.
  • Exceptional long termantiwear and oxidation stability.
  • Excellent high and lowtemperature performance.
  • Exceptional long termadditive response.
  • ACEA:A3,B3,B4
  • VW:502.00, 505.00
  • MB:229.1, 229.3


Synthetic 5w/40 is suitable fornormally aspirated and turbo charged petrol engines and diesel engines. Forpassenger cars and light commercials and is suitable for all driving conditions.It is miscible with all synthetic and mineral based engine oils.

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