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Castrol Aircol PG 185

Castrol Aircol PG 185

Product description

Aircol PGTM 185 is a high performance synthetic gas compressor oil based on poly-alkylene glycol, for the lubrication of compressors handling hydrocarbon and chemical gases.

The lubricant contains oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, providing excellent thermal and oxidation stability, together with the necessary corrosion protection for the compressor.

Features & Benefits:

Aircol PG 185 has low solvency properties with the hydrocarbon and chemical gases, which can enter the crankcases of gas compressors, consequently avoiding a significant fall in viscosity and lubricant performance.

Being totally synthetic, this product does not suffer the tendency of mineral oils to break down or polymerise to form gums,resin and carbon. It has a high viscosity index which benefits extreme temperature operations.

Finally, Aircol PG 185 can be employed in the widest range of LPG, LNG hydrocarbon and chemical gases including Butadiene, Methane, Ethane, Propane.

Approvals Status:

Aircol PG 185 meets the requirements of:


Atlas Copco


Nuovo Pignone


Aircol PG 185 has good lubricity characteristics and a very high viscosity index which benefits high temperature operations. It is for use in the working sumps of both rotary and reciprocating compressors where the lubricant is in continuous contact with the gas being compressed. If mineral oils were used in these applications, the gas would dissolve and cause a drastic reduction in oil viscosity, which could in turn lead to compressor failure. Hydrocarbon gases dissolve to a much lesser extent in Aircol PG 185 ensuring longer working life and adequate lubrication performance.

Aircol PG 185 may be used with a wide range of gases, including:

- Liquified natural gases such as methane and ethane

- Liquified petroleum gases such as propane and butane

- Hydrocarbon chemical gases such as ethylene, propylene and butylene

- Chemical gases such as ammonia, vinyl chloride and butadiene

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